The first site dedicated to the publishing of
secret files
on State crime and corruption
on the african continent and the third-world.


It is nearly banal to say that not a month goes by without Africa knowing a new curse or a new catastrophy in a near general indifference : murders, putchs, arrival of a new dictator, deprival of the last civil freedoms, fondamentalist drifts, fanatisms, illnesses, humanitarian catastrophies, corruption affairs, starvation, terrorism, ethnic conflits, general or civil wars, etc., etc.

Lots of these ills could be avoided if Africa was not the stake of enormous private or polititcal interests. The richness of the natural resources of this fabulous continent arouse always evermore lust for wealth and the governements in power, with too few exceptions, give in shamelessly to the call of the mermaids of corruption and personal enrichment. But to explain the problems of this continent in this manner is a bit simplistic, there would be no corrupts had there been no corrupters.

It seems some interests maintain this state of things in order to better benefit from it. And it is even easier considering that, in Africa, the information doesn't circulate well and that the law of silence rules more than anywhere else. Also, the freedom of speech is so scorned that no real genuinely free (or so few) organisations exist that can express themselves without risk or altering of their communication. Yet information can play an important rÙle in changing things and thwarting the manipulations.

The authors of this site are all journalists working for more or less known periodicals in which it is often difficult if not impossible to publish the information or the documents they hold. Nevertheless, Internet allows us to do it. In the coming months we will publish the articles and the files - not to denounce the least corruption facts on the continent - but to overcome appearances, sometimes just to ask the right questions and ofter to analyze the real reasons of situations that enslave people even more efficiently than the proslavers or the colonizers of past times.
In order to free themselves, the Africans must know who holds the true responsability of the state in which Africa is today, in spite of the promises that the decolonisation could have inspired.

But most important, we wish that this site be interactive so that you can send us the information or the documents that you hold and thus allow truth to appear clear and bright. Should you hold any information please don't hesitate to send them to us by e-mail along with the scanned documents. Should you wish to, we will preserve your anonimity. And once the information checked, we will publish it. We will also call for your testimony on precise points. Thus, this site will also be a little bit yours and you will have contributed by your testimonies to allow our children to live a better life in the Africa of tomorrow.We wish you a pleasant reading and we thank you in advance for your contributions !